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Rent a Car in Samokov| Find out more about Samokov





Samokov is a city in Western Bulgaria.  It is placed in the Sofia region about 55 km. away from Sofia and 8 km. away from the resorts.

Renting a car from Rent a Car VEGER gives you the freedom to stay in this beautiful city, but also to visit the located near around popular resorts - Borovets not abide by schedules of local transport.  We offer you also car transfers From Sofia to Samokov- The one way prices are:

80Euro with Car 4+1

90Euro with Mini-van 6+1

100Euro with Mini-bus 8+1

110Euro with Lemousine 




Historical museum - Store materials and documents related with the typical industry of the city and the region - iron mining, that existed until 1908

Metropolitan Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary - one of the most remarkable architectural and artistic monuments in the country. The most memorable part of it is the iconostasis.

Beliova Church of the Nativity of Mary "is a cultural monument of the XV-XVI century with rich murals.


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