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Sofia Car Hire

You will find a treasure trove of sights and events in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. To tour them in convenience and luxury, book the services of Sofia Car Hire that Veger offers with a vast range of luxury vehicles equipped with all amenities, delivering excellent performance and safety in drives around Sofia and to a host of interesting sights in the vicinity. Veger’s Luxury range boasts illustrious cars such as Mini Cooper, perfect for city drives, or Mercedes CLK 270D which is replete with extras for comfortable driving. Luxury cars offered by Veger cater for aficionados of stylish sports cars, and you can hire our BMW 120D as a stylish sporty car for convenience during your stay: its leather interior, anti lock brakes, air bags, side air bags are some of the features that enhance the pleasure of driving around Sofia with Sofia Car Hire Luxury cars . 

At Veger we strive to meet all your needs for comfortable cars fully fitted with all amenities, by offering our Economy, Compact, Mini, Standard and Family series of modern vehicles. Our Compact series is especially suited for driving around Sofia as it features models such as Opel Astra – economical, stylish, comfortable. Renault Clio Symbol is another favorite to rent from Sofia Car Hire – easy to drive and convenient to park in the busy everyday traffic of the big city. Veger also recommends Seat Ibiza as another easy to drive car in big city streets, extending enhanced comfort with a number of extras.


Rent a car Sofia

Car Rental Sofia

Car Hire Sofia


Special Car Rental Оffers

15.5 €
€15.5 / day

Citroen C1 MINI  class
Citroen C1
15.5 €
€15.5 / day

Toyota Aygo MINI  class
Toyota Aygo
68.33 €
€68.33 / day

Opel Vivaro BUSES class
Opel Vivaro