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Car Rental in Varna | Find out more about Varna


Varna is the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and in Northern Bulgaria.

Commonly referred to as the marine (or summer) capital of Bulgaria, Varna is a major tourist destination. Many cultural events take place here. There are many resorts near Varna that attract tourists with their beautiful beaches.

Veger rent a car operates with a large number of cars and can provide the perfect one for your either business or leisure trip.


Varna occupies the north and west coast of Varna Bay and the northeast side of Varna Lake.


The Roman Baths built in the II century.

The Cathedral of the Holy Virgin is considered emblematic for the city. It is situated in the center of Varna against the theater.

The seamen's church of Saint Nicholas  has very interesting old icons.

The Sea Garden is also considered emblematic for the city. Today among many other things inside the garden are the amphitheatre, the astronomical complex and the zoo.

Veger rent a car provides transfers form Sofia airport to Varna at any time of the day or the night. We also offer a you an oportunity for car transfer from and to every point of Bulgaria. The one way transfer price Sofia Varna is: 

180Euro with Car 4+1

200Euro with Mini-van 6+1

220Euro with Mini-bus 8+1

250Euro with Lemousine 

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Mercedes Sprinter BUSES class
Mercedes Sprinter
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Mercedes Vito BUSES class
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€43.92 / day

Peugeot 407 STANDART class
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